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Welcome to the new and improved BLACK&GAY! We have brand new features and a whole new set-up! 🤩 You'll be able to join groups directly on our website! And it works just like your other social media platforms - except this is all for us!! 🤟🏾


Some folks have been members of our Discord server, The Virtual Junction, but we're in a brand new space now! 🥰 We will be creating some of the same groups here as we did on Discord - on topics like spirituality, mental health, business collaborations, etc. You'll be able to join in discussions on all different types of topics - and you know how we do it! There's adult content spaces also! 😈





It's already popping!!! Here’s a few of the groups we’ve created so far! 👇🏾


You set the tone! Everyone is free to chat as they wish!  You can decide what you want to be involved in and how you want to show up! Have suggestions about a room or event? Tell us!


Get to know us! Be a part of a community of Black LGBTQ people who are creating social change! There's safe spaces to chat, and have fun being yourself. You can even promote your business, and find collaborators!



How does it work?


STEP 1 : Sign up as member.


STEP 2: Determine which groups you would like to be a part of. Some groups will be for Subscribers Only (like the NSFW group) and some groups will be public! There are also perks for subscribers such as discounts on merchandise, events, and more! Subscribe if you would like to be a part of one of the Premium groups.


STEP 3: Click the link sent your e-mail to download the Wix Spaces app and join the BLACK&GAY mobile space. That's it!



What are the rules?


1. Respect Members and Staff. Be excellent to each other!

  • Disregarding, talking back to, or disrespecting mods may result in a ban --- especially if it happens via DM or you spam a mod via DM.

  • Any kind of discrimination toward anyone is never allowed.

  • Do not prolong drama; if a mod asks you to drop it, drop it.


2. Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. No slurs (lgbtq, racial, etc.) even if you have reclaimed the word, it is not allowed here. Including but not limited to:

  • Racism, Trans-phobia & Homophobia

  • Offensive Generalizations

  • Spamming

  • Inappropriate Usernames 

  • Insults, Threats, Harassment, Extortion, Stalking, Scamming & Trolling



  • Ask people if it's ok to dm them before doing so (unless dm'ing a staff member)


4. Follow Discord's Terms of Service.  

  • This includes being over the age of 13!

  • By being here, you are confirming that you know basic internet safety and will not hold the server or its organizers liable for any unpleasant interactions. 

  • Server rules extend to your Discord profile as well, because that also shows up in the server.

  • Your name, avatar, banner, bio, status, rich presence, game activity, etc. all fall under the same rules as if you posted them into a channel here.

  • Depending on severity, we may ask you to change it, or jump right to at least a kick.




6. NO PIRACY, no asking for or sending weird links or illegal websites!


7. No glorifying drug use. No sourcing of illegal drugs.

  • Keep the Illegal drug talk constructive, and related to topics we discuss at times.


8. You must attend at least one of our ART ALLIANCE events gain access to the group. 


9. No politics, we are not a political server and do not condone arguments! No discussion of religion as it is a touchy subject (including constructive and arguments) unless it pertains to any of our discussions.


10. No conversations or comments in #Introductions tag. Non-introductions will be deleted. 


11. No advertising inside of the Main Chat group, DM to request promos if needed.


12. DO NOT SPAM PING. Do not spam messages, you will get muted. No unsolicited DM's!

  • This extends to text channels, voice channels, randomly sending DM's, sending random server invites, etc.


13. No NSFW content outside of the NSFW group 

  • We know the space allows NSFW but don't post them outside of the designated channels.

  • Verbal or written consent is required to gain access to the NSFW channel, and some people do not wish to see adult content. 


14. DO NOT complain about being pinged from MODs. If you DON'T want to be pinged, adjust your notifications! 

  • If you want to be pinged for events or updates, see the Weekly Events, or the upcoming events channel.


15. Mods/Admins reserve the right to enforce server conduct to the best of their abilities and use their discretion, even if no rule directly prohibits something.

  • Because moderating a Discord server of this size is difficult, situations aren't always black and white.

  • Higher-ups (if any) can overrule mod decisions if necessary.

  • Whining about decisions or appealing within chat will probably get you muted.

  • You should, in no case, be DM'ing the entire mod team.


Our team is working diligently to ensure that this is a safe place for every member!

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